Salamaleque is particularly known for its high artistic standards as well as for its work in the field of Community dance. The work contains dance and theatre projects, educational trainings as well as programs to improve the living conditions.

Dance and Theatre Projects

Dance and Theatre Projects  for people in different situations to improve the physical abilities, the self-confidence, increase the awareness in the society. Among others the projects are for work with people in different situations, like children and young people excluded from mainstream education, street kids, the displaced, people with disability, women and men in prisons, marginalized communities or communities divided by cultural, social or religious circumstances.


Dance programs and trainings to educate dance moderators locally with the target to establish regular independent dance programs in the corresponding regions and furthermore give the local people better prospects and a more positive outlook.

Improvement of the living conditions

To provide the basis for the dance and theatre projects, Salamaleque is supporting the facilities with technical equipment for the therapies, feeding programs etc.