Rio de Janeiro, since 2000

In 2000 the Dance Project Salamaleque began in the Favela Rocinha, the largest slum in South America. There, Heidi Rehse started to give dance lessons, at the invitation of a Brazilian dancer.

This was the first dance project of its kind in Brazil and it has already found many imitators yet. Professional and semi-professional groups have emerged out of the Salamaleque dance projects in various slums of the city. They make their way independently now and some of them have a remarkable reputation in the dance world.


Achimota, Ghana, 2009

At the invitation of Father Eric Oduro Wiafe Salamaleque has started its work in Achimota near Accra, the capital of Ghana, in February 2009. The beginning was a great success. Around 80 street children and adolescents participated in the dance project. In addition to a basic dance training, a dance performance about violence has been developed and was a big success in the Achimota College.

Most of the children and young people live in the streets begging and doing small jobs just for drinking water and some foods to survive. The dance project has significantly changed their lives. Thereby, many children found their way back to school.  Salamaleque NGO support school fees and school uniforms for them.

Ashaiman, Ghana, 2011

A dance project took place in Ashaiman, Accra in collaboration with the Bosco Mission.

Monrovia, Liberia 2013

Common dance workshop for Youth from Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Kigali, Ruanda, since 2014

Dance workshops and trainings for youth with disabilities in cooperation with UWEZO. (Initiative that aims to improve competencies in literacy and numeracy among children aged 6-16 years by using an innovative approach to social change that is citizen driven and accountable to the public.)
As well as dance workshops in schools with blind persons.


Sumanahalli Bosco, Bangalore, since 2010

At the invitation of Fr.Cyriac Adayadhiel the first dance project in India in Sumanahalli BOSCO, Bangalore started in May 2010.

40 boys attended between the ages of 13 and 20, some of them began with mental and physical disabilities, 3 weeks later the first performances took place at various locations in and around Bangalore.The enthusiasm of the boys was great that dance was included as an integral part od their daily life

Kochi, India, since 2010

 In August 2010, Heidi Rehse started a new project in Kochi, Kerala.

Only one year later in August 2011, Salamaleque organized a training course in dance therapy for psychologists; teachers and social workers besides the dance programme.

The boys of the three BOSCO shelters Snehabavan, Nilayam and Palurthy are having regular dance classes, they have lots of performances and we are organizing a professional dance group with the older boys.

Lonavla, Mumbai, since 2011

In April 2011, we could start a dance and dance therapy project in a therapy and rehabilitation centre for drug addicted street children in Lonavla/Mumbai, as well as in a Bosco orphanage in Mumbai

Night school for slum children, Mumbai, since 2011

Savio High School Andheri.
In November 2011, an evening school started for 250 slum children in Andheri, Mumbai. In addition to the normal school schedule, daily classes in dance, yoga, theatre and dance therapy are offered by Salamaleque art school. This is the first school of its kind for slum and street children in India.
One of the biggest problems of the children is to concentrate and to focus. Dance therapy is an important instrument to help these children to be more balanced and to cope with their difficult life.
This evening school was founded in collaboration with the BOSCO MISSION, the Children's Fund and the Salamaleque NGO and is in India managed by Fr.Barnabe.
In addition to the evening school we offer regular dance classe to the boarding boys of the High school. Most of them are from broken families.

Kathakari village Khopoli , since 2011

In Khopoli, a small village 3 hours from Mumbai Salamaleque  organizes dance workshops for the 50 tribal children on every Sunday. These children are deprived of any cultural activity and the dance sessions are very welcome in the village.

Children´s home Sandurst Road, since 2011

The Children's home is a remand home for missing and runaway children, juvenile delinquents and disabled children from the streets.
Salamaleque has been given access to the girl's section, the boy's section and the crime section.
The condition in that home is deplorable, it´s not a child friendly environment. We want to put all our effort to get more access to that home in order to improve the life condition of the children there.
Special therapeutic work on a daily basis is necessary to help them to deal with their traumas and to live a dignified life.