SALAMALEQUE - Dance changes everything 

directed by Heidi Rehse and founded in 2000 in the slums of Rio de Janeiro

Salamaleque is particularly known for its high artistic standards as well as for its work in the field of Community dance. In the first instance it contains the work with people in different situations, like children and young people excluded from mainstream education, street kids, the displaced, people with disability, women and men in prisons, marginalized communities or communities divided by cultural, social or religious circumstances.

Due to the medium of dance and theatre, a dance project is able to give the opportunity to change the view of them by advancing their self-confidence, their abilities and their potentials. Salamaleque is convinced that dance and especially performance can transform the lives of people and communities as in supporting and encouraging comprehension, cohesion, sympathy and dialogue.

A significant aim is to create a basis, on which this necessary work can be continued and the resulting positive effects can be established and developed as an important element of community life.

Salamaleque provides cultural understanding through photography projects and project documentation. These unique images promote communication across cultural and languages barriers using the common languages of dance, theatre and photography.

Established Projects in:

  • Brasil

  • Kenia

  • Liberia

  • Ruanda

  • Ghana

  • India

  • Sierra Leone  Learn More

Salamaleque Video: